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Music & Lyrics by Nancy Cassidy

Produced by Keith Greeninger

Recorded at Bear Creek Studios, Boony Doon CA, engineered by Justin Mayer; with some additional recording at Gadgetbox Recording Studios, Santa Cruz CA, engineered by Andy Zenczak, assistant engineer Patrick Brede; Additional tracking also at OTR Studios, Belmont, CA. Engineered by Cookie Marenco, assistant engineer Patrick O'Connor

Final Mixing and Mastering at OTR Studios, Belmont CA by Cookie Marenco

Graphic Design by Kevin Plottner
Photos by John Cassidy

Released 2013

Nancy Cassidy, who first hit the charts with a platinum series of recordings for young families entitled KidsSongs, has just released her latest CD, Memphis. This one follows up on the success of her 2012 hit (Memphis) and is written for everybody with a heart, young and old. Memphis pulls you in like the Mississippi heading south. Every twist and turn of the currents is here: soft gentle rocking on the water channels like Backwater Blue, all the way to the churning, fast changing, heart pounding moments like Broken Wing Blues. Nancy's voice has never been more sultry and moving. Memphis reveals the voice of a woman happy and clear about who she is and eager to invite you in to catch up. Straight from her heart as always, sung with the clarity and feel of a woman who's sure of what she's saying, Nancy brings us songs that are passionate, strong, at times rockin' and shaking you by the belt and then soothing and gentle as the river rolling through the grasslands...and all the heart stations in between. Memphis offers up the heart and soul of Nancy Cassidy, the woman we've grown to love and listen to, but now at a new spot on her map. It's a powerfully comeonin place, full of soul healing calm and body quaking rhythms...a trip you don't want to miss! Even after 12 CD's and 2 million sales, Cassidy is still exploring and every CD has its surprises. But, just as importantly, when it's time to head back to the heart, she can still bring it home.